Lead Test Engineer

New York City, United States · Engineering


Test engineers are not manual testers, nor are you an engineer that writes tests all day. As a test engineer you design and create tools that enable engineers to be efficient when testing their own code and systems at scale.

At ActionIQ we’re focused on building a scalable Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP). In order to do this our engineers have to be able to move fast to react to the needs of a new, quickly developing market. Additionally, our reliability needs to be “best in class”. This requires creative insights on how to bring testing back into the forefront for dev velocity tooling.

Our product and platform provides a variety of functions to marketers at our clients and we have built our software in a componentized manner that aligns with the functional value we have to offer. Therefore, each layer requires (1) a testing strategy, (2) infrastructure to apply said testing strategy, and of course (3) implementation of the tests using the infrastructure.


We’re looking for a Test Engineer Lead to focus on scaling (1) and (2) across ActionIQ’s system. What tools should we build to increase our engineering efficiency? What frameworks can we pull off the shelf and tweak to fit our needs? How can we make it ridiculously easy to write full system integration tests?

You will be embedded in our engineering team working closely with both the full stack and backend teams. You’ll need to navigate our constantly growing codebase, identify places for improvements and execute. The `lead` in this title refers to leading the way we’re approaching testing across engineering. You will influence better engineering practices, bug prevention steps and testability across the platform while building up our testing infrastructure.


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