Site Reliability Engineer

New York City, New York, United States · Engineering


Moving fast is not just a cultural theme we preach. For us, it's move fast or die. The quicker we iterate, release our product, and test new features, the more we can learn, adapt, and add value to our customers.

To do this, we need your help. You'll be automating our system, making it hum beautifully and self-heal when problems come up. The tools you create will make your peers more productive by breed of breed speed and capabilities. The systems you build will enable us to release our code daily, even hourly, with ease and peace of mind reliability.

This is a very high impact engineering role. You will be working closely with our engineers, devops as well as PMs and field personnel. Being the first engineer in this role, you will be wearing many hats - one day you may be automating some of our testing infrastructure, and the next you may be working closely with some backend engineers to scale our query services.



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