Tools Engineer

New York, United States · Engineering


ActionIQ is looking for a jack-of-all-trades engineer to create and optimize the tools we use every day to build our product. This role involves wearing many hats - one day you'll be developing a web tool, another day working on compile times, and another building deployment tools for our field team. You will be working closely with all aspects of our product - from databases and pipelines in the backend team, to the distributed micro-services owned by the full stack folks, all the way to the frontend web code.

We're a Scala and React shop, with Python mixed in. We're hosted in AWS and utilize the latest cloud tools to achieve our job. We are not stuck in our ways and are always happy to adopt something new if it is a better solution. For example we recently completely switched from SaltStack to Ansible for maintaining our EC2 clusters.

This is the first hire for this role, and as such the impact is huge. Beyond the many opportunities to improve our tools day to day, you will be setting the precedent for how we build developer tools and putting the infrastructure in place for future engineers to come.



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